Paperwork:  Mail sortation, reduction, containment and control. Centralization of all office tasks. Desktop ergonomics.

Filing:  Developing an orderly, user-friendly, individualized system that works for you.

Kitchens and Pantries:  Ease of access, sensible storage, combining esthetics with functionality, efficient use of space.

Closets:  “Like with like,” i.e. all accessories together. Proximity of items to where they will be used.

Rooms:  Home office, library, living room, playroom, den, bathrooms, bedrooms, attic, basement, laundry room – you name it!

Garages and Sheds:  Themed areas, i.e. all sporting goods/holiday items/gardening tools together. Everything visible, accessible, safe, unobstructive. The most efficient use of space without having to dig or struggle. All boxed items sorted and labeled by category. Will refer competent, reliable handyman if necessary for cabinetry or other construction.

Storage Units:  Downsizing saves money! Separation into categories: “keep, sell, give away, throw away.” Sorting and labeling by theme. Creating aisles that allow easy access and viewing of all items. Will arrange for donation of items – and connect you to a reliable, trustworthy eBay trader who will help you turn unused items into cash for a reasonable fee!

Pre-move Sorting and Packing:  Moving? Lower the cost of your move by separating the useful from the obsolete beforehand. For about 90% of average containerizing needs, I provide free boxes!

Post-move Organizing:  Need help getting settled in your new home? Functionality, esthetics and placement all considered. I have an excellent sense of composition in setting up a room.

Staging Homes for Sale:  Selling your home? Simplicity, beauty and order in the presentation will allow it to look its best and sell faster! While I don’t offer full-service staging (my own furnishings), I can help you get your home looking gorgeous using your existing furniture and decor.

Life coaching: Clarifying life direction. Asking leading questions that facilitate discovery/recovery of where passion exists. Support in pursuing goals and dreams.