In the spring of 2012 I decided to reorganize and redecorate my home and David Harris was recommended to me. He is very professional and was a wonderful asset, listening to all my concerns and making great suggestions. David made a big job very enjoyable and it is my pleasure to recommend him.
Barbie Lange, Ventura, CA

My husband and I are both pack rats, so our place was quite challenging. David put us at ease early on, and with his great personality and flair for creativity, we were able to accomplish what the two of us could never have done. In one day, we cleared out an entire room in the garage, and turned it into the “overflow station” that was needed for items that wouldn’t fit in the house. He also worked wonders in our pantry, putting together a system I wouldn’t have dreamed possible. He is an amazing and gifted organizer!
Debbie Howery, Ventura, CA

When I first met David Harris he was helping a friend of mine move from a family home and downsize to a tiny apartment, after two deaths in short succession in her family. He was amazing, not only as an organizer, but as a strong support system. Breaking down a long-time family home is traumatizing. He seemed tireless. I do not think it would have been possible to for her to make this transition in a timely manner without him. I was impressed and grateful.
Since then  I have hired David to assist in my organizing projects, from garage cleanup to business paperwork. I have used other organizers in the past. Although effective, I found that the human element was often missing.  He does not push me to do anything his way, but guides me to find how things work best for me. He really is a coach in many ways. Some possessions have sentimental value, though they may not seem valuable to others; he honors that. Overall, he is good, trustworthy, nonjudgmental and kind. I highly recommend him.
Donna Freaney – Lymphatic Therapist, Ventura, CA
donnafreaney@gmail.com  805.639.0447

David reviewed, organized, consolidated, coordinated, and streamlined my home office – in an emotionally supportive, nonjudgmental way. The result is that things are easy to find, and I now have a new, personalized system that has a flow and logic to it. I save precious time, and the frustration I felt working in my office is a thing of the past!  Remarkably enough, after doing nothing else to promote my business, since working with David I have made over twice the income this year as last year.
Elizabeth Good, Aptos, CA

David put our house in such good order! He found useful, creative ways to organize, label, and make things easy to find. Plus, he did it at a rate I found fair and affordable!
Esther Cole, Ventura, CA


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