“Do you do life coaching?”

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One question which links organizing & life coaching is: What does one possess?

When asked if I do life coaching, I say that, while I have no formal training, I offer useful observations, questions & insights that will shed light on what someone’s true passion is. (I’ll speak in the singular, but many people have more than one pursuit which brings them joy.)

Helping clients think about where they want to go in life is a little like looking for raw, precious gems in a river. (Of course the river is actually internal.) The current – familial & cultural conditioning, & any limiting beliefs they may have about themselves – obscures or distorts their vision. I help them identify the stone, pull it off the river bottom, & together we polish it till we begin to see the possibilities within.

 Here are four questions I ask clients:

  1. What is it that they can’t help doing?

  2. What is it that, while they’re engaged in it, suspends their sense of time?

  3. If they were financially independent, how would they fill their days/nights?

  4. What gift would they wish they had given if they died tomorrow?

As I listen to their answers, I watch for animation in their eyes, expression, voice & presence. Where there’s excitement, we explore! I call it a search & nourish mission.

For some, they may only be able to pursue their passion in their spare time, and/or plan for the day when they can unleash their gift full force. But I help get them started, & it’s an honor & a pleasure to watch the process unfold.