Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I hear from prospective clients:

Are you going to pressure me to get rid of things I’m still attached to?   By no means! I won’t encourage anyone to make decisions they may regret later – but I will  be there as a coach and a sounding board to ask helpful questions and offer support to clients in making those decisions. There are a couple of strategies I use to strike a compromise between keeping things and letting them go.

Such as?  We might set things aside that haven’t been looked at or used in a long time – in a designated area (labeled if boxed). After a reasonable period of time – say, six months – some clients are more prepared to sell or give away these items. Taking a picture of things is one way of having a keepsake as well.

Do you provide shredding and hauling?  I will offer options and help clients determine the least expensive and most effective way to deal with these services, depending on their area and the volume of these items.

Do you use the same approach for everyone?  Definitely not. There are a variety of issues where clients differ, and each person and situation gets individualized attention and consideration.

What are your fees?  $40 per hour. Consultations are free.

What is your service area?  Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Is there anything you don’t organize?  Though I can help clients refine, reorder and clarify their web files and documents – much as we would hard copy files – I refer more complex online issues to another professional who specializes in that area.

What about confidentiality; are my sensitive documents safe in your care?  Current and former clients will testify to my honesty. Of course I’m licensed, bonded and insured, and am happy to provide a service agreement stating that everything that crosses my path is held in strictest confidentiality.