What are your time and peace of mind worth?

photo of rocks in sand

As an admitted compulsive minimalist, I’ve set what, for many, might be an extreme boundary: I don’t pay attention to, check out, or follow up on any offers, options or coupons. (One exception: a substantial rebate on a high-ticket item, if it can’t otherwise reasonably be avoided.)

While freely admitting I’m missing out on saving pennies and dollars at every turn, I bask in the comforting assurance that I AM saving something money can’t buy: time. I’m also helping to offset an increasingly troublesome stressor: mental clutter.

Time is a commodity virtually all my clients experience some shortage of, and this becomes central to their feeling overwhelmed.

Minimizing mental clutter is becoming an increasingly necessary strategy for maintaining peace of mind in this accelerating world.

This issue barely hits the radar when one considers it one sale or coupon at a time – but they add up, and show up, in unexpected ways, over the long run. I’m not advocating the extreme position I’ve taken, but some version of it may be helpful for some.