As we let go of that which is no longer relevant, doesn’t serve us, and/or no longer represents who we are, we create room for something new to enter…

“…but I might need it someday.”

This is a sentiment I hear often - and there is merit to it sometimes. We all know that many items aren't manufactured with the same quality that was considered standard a generation ago - and that aren't replaceable in today's market should the original be given away or sold. There's even a defensible reason to keep a duplicate of some possessions. But I've seen many cases where clients are … [Read more...]

One Hidden Blessing of Decluttering

I've discovered a relationship, sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, between clutter and abundance. There's something about too much stuff that can entrench old energy, and keep new life from flowing in. In the realms of physical and emotional health, and in nature itself, stagnation and blockage spell disease and dysfunction, and flow equates to harmony and well-being. It's refreshing and … [Read more...]

The VAL System of Organizing

I created the acronym VAL - as in the first three letters of the word value - to summarize three of the main principles I use in the great majority of projects: Visibility, Accessibility and Like with like. If newly organized items aren't visible or accessible, they fail the two most basic organizing standards. (Exceptions below.) If articles aren't placed like with like, the vision of having … [Read more...]