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A well-rounded view of my organizing universe

I posted most of my best organizing ideas on Facebook from January 2013 to August 2014. For those who want to get a better idea of what I bring to my work, as well as some valuable tips that may relate to your project(s), you might find my Facebook page interesting: … [Read more...]

What are your time and peace of mind worth?

As an admitted compulsive minimalist, I've set what, for many, might be an extreme boundary: I don't pay attention to, check out, or follow up on any offers, options or coupons. (One exception: a substantial rebate on a high-ticket item, if it can't otherwise reasonably be avoided.) While freely admitting I'm missing out on saving pennies and dollars at every turn, I bask in the comforting … [Read more...]

“Do you do life coaching?”

One question which links organizing & life coaching is: What does one possess? When asked if I do life coaching, I say that, while I have no formal training, I offer useful observations, questions & insights that will shed light on what someone's true passion is. (I'll speak in the singular, but many people have more than one pursuit which brings them joy.) Helping clients think about … [Read more...]