“So how did you become an organizer?”

photo of wood and metal sign with word friends

When I received an early-out retirement from the USPS, I knew I’d have to find work to supplement my pension. I lived downstairs then from a mother & daughter who were my landladies; soon after meeting, we quickly adopted each other as extended family. Naturally, I would help them organize their garage & paperwork!

When the daughter saw me brainstorming for what kind of work I might pursue, she innocently asked, “Why don’t you just ‘do what you do’? You’re an organizer!” Believe it or not, though I’ve been organizing everything in sight for as long as I can remember – and I’d heard of personal assistants – I didn’t know then that an organizing industry per se existed! I soon found the National Association of Professional Organizers, & the rest is proverbial history.

Though I’ve moved from that home, & the mom has passed on – a process I was invited to become intimately involved in – my friend & I are still close pals. Ironically, now I’m helping her figure out – organize her thoughts around – where she will now best fit in the working world! I’m happy to return such an important favor.