The “department store box” method of garage organizing

image of cardboard box with text project declutter

OK – let’s say your last move was a rush job, and you ended up with boxes that had a variety of items in them in no particular order, with no specific themes. (Or, for whatever reason, you just have boxes with mixed categories inside.) I suggest setting up a table as your work area, & laying out whatever number of boxes your categories require. (If you have a number of tables to accommodate numerous boxes, great; if you only have one table for the box you’re working out of, the boxes you’ll be working into can be on the floor.)

This is where it begins to look like a dept. store: You’ll have boxes (marked, of course, for easy reference) such as stationery, kitchen, clothes, books, exercise/sports, etc. Once a box is full, or you’re simply done, then you can take each box to the room (or spot in the garage) where those things will live.